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C.S.Evans: The Soul Conductor

The Soul Conductor by C.S.Evans Buy on Amazon Goodreads They live among the people. Quiet, even shy, but with the ability to defend themselves with sword and dagger, and much more besides…Their purpose is to guide the souls of the dying away from their physical bodies and on to their final destiny, be that reward or punishment. Led by a powerful Archdeacon, in turn supported by the Keepers and their fearsome Guardians, these beings ensure no soul remains trapped in the realm of the living for eternity. Quinn is one such being. He is a Soul Conductor. And he’s...

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Erosions: The Careless by Ashlyn Forge

Erosions: The Careless tells the story of nineteen year old Galen, a young lord who lives in an underground colony with his estranged mother. Life as a lord is by no means a luxury for Galen however, and as the story unfolds, the reader becomes privy to information that must be concealed from his circle of friends. Galen is provided with an opportunity to change his life when he is charged with the care of an elemental (E)  – but Osbourne is damaged, and not the good fortune he first thought. Rather than improve his circumstances, events take a...

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Developmental edit completed

I have had the pleasure of reading and feeding back on a young adult dystopian manuscript over the last few days, which as it turns out, is one of my favourite genres within science-fiction – I just can’t get enough of them. I’ve read more of this sub-genre than I’ve blogged about, and I find myself genuinely fascinated by the writers different interpretations of a dystopian world, the conflicts that might arise and how their characters engage and overcome the said conflicts. Photograph courtesy of      ...

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Another editing job completed

It took me a little while, but I have just this moment managed to complete another book editing project. I’ve read the manuscript twice so far, owing to the fact I like to read through it first as a reader, and worry about the editing/feedback side of things during a second read. It is more time consuming, but I don’t mind, because it helps me get into the nitty-gritty on the second read – without getting caught up in the story. It’s a great book, which i can’t say too much about just yet, but I was hooked on this one from the first page. I found the main character very engaging (just loved him), detested the antagonist, and liked the fact that during my first read, there were certain parts where I could not put the book down. So now it’s complete, and time to send it back to the writer,  it’s my turn to be nervous. I’m quite happy sitting here, deleting a word here, adding a word there, but when the time comes to send the edited manuscript back, I’m sure my nerves are far greater then the writer who sent it to...

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Editing plans: week commencing 9th November

I have a busy few days of editing ahead of me. Having calmed down from my excitement of joining the Society of Editors and Proofreaders, it’s time to throw my energy back into editing. I have three projects I want to work on this week: One novel is undergoing a general edit, a second novel requires a copy-edit of the first three chapters and development/general editing on the remainder, and the third novel (young adult) is going through an initial developmental edit. I intend to devote a few hours to each of these projects today (and indeed the next...

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