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Society for Editors and Proofreaders (UK)

As part of my plan to become a ‘professional editor,’ I have today submitted my application to join the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, which is a UK association. I’ve spent many an hour on their website, reading up on various levels of membership, training courses and other such advice. I shall start on the bottom rung of the ‘virtual’ ladder – as an Associate Member – and from what I’ve read, I then have to pass certain criteria to progress to an Ordinary Member. It’s a long process for someone like myself who is just starting out, but...

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I’ve been editing and beta-reading since June now (on a voluntary basis) as I wanted to establish a few facts; the first was to gauge whether a home-based career in beta-reading/editing was viable. The second was to establish working practices, such as assessing the functionality of software like Microsoft’s track changes, methods of providing feedback etc. The third reason – and perhaps most important reason of all – was to establish if I was any good at it; there is, after all, a huge difference between writer friends telling you your feedback is good and that of a complete stranger preparing their work for publication. Well, I’ve not had any complaints yet (that I’m aware of) so I have decided to take the next step towards becoming a professional freelance editor, which is where the title of this post comes in. I’ve spent a lot of time researching freelance editors and noticed that while some used their real names, there were others using business names, which lead to me to wonder if I should do the same. I worried that I might not be taken seriously using my real name, but having had a discussion with a few friends, it would seem that my initial decision to use my real name is the preferred option. My next step is to register with Inland Revenue as a sole trader, and...

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Andie M. Long: Underneath

Underneath by Andie M. Long Buy on Amazon Goodreads LAUREN LAWLER’s life is visually perfect. However husband Niall seems to have forgotten she exists. Running a Vintage shop on Ebay and meeting her best friend Monique for coffee and shopping, Lauren feels settled but bored. Collecting her nine year old son Joe from school one day, she discovers that the new mum at the gates is her old school foe Bettina. Lauren is initially wary, but encouraged by her husband, attempts to be friendly. Asked to get involved with the school’s summer fair so that Bettina can meet other...

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