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A to Z Blogging Challenge: H is for Head-hopping

H is for Head-hopping Head-hopping is the ‘art’ of jumping out of one character’s head (perspective) and into another, usually under the guise of allowing the reader the ‘full-on’ experience. I’ve heard many a writer say they want their reader to know what’s going through a secondary character’s head (if only for a moment). ‘How will they [reader] understand what’s going on?’ is the common argument. The problem with head-hopping is that it is seriously… seriously irritating, and jarring. Imagine writing a wonderful, tension-filled scene. The reader is deep in your main character’s pov (point of view) and then suddenly...

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A-Z Blogging Challenge: G is for GDPR

G is for GDPR While this is a break from the subject of creative writing, the General Data Protection Regulation is coming into effect next month and will affect how I conduct my business. It’s been spoken about for the last couple of years – I found out about it last week (so cue a bit of panicking from me). It does affect anyone within the EU who holds another person’s personal data – editors and authors included – so I see no harm in including this as part of the A to Z challenge. I spent most of yesterday...

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A to Z Blogging Challenge: F is for Foreshadowing

F is for Foreshadowing This is a plot device that sees an author planting clues in earlier scenes of a story for a payoff at a later stage. If it is done well, the reader won’t see it coming, but upon reaching the payoff, will realise that the clues were there all along. Depending on what is being foreshadowed, it can be weaved through narration, hinted at through dialogue, or shown through description. It can be subtle or ‘in your face’ although the reader may not realise the relevance in earlier chapters. Foreshadowing can build suspense and adds dimension to...

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

I presume I have been living under a rock for the last two years, or maybe I was just busy with everything else I do, but about a week or so ago, I heard about the new data protection regulation coming into effect on 25th May (cue a moment of full-blown panic as I’ve done nothing for it). I’ve taken some time to read up on it, and am going to write my findings here, more as a checklist for me to work through, though it may help other editors in my position. The GDPR relates to data collected and held within the EU but I’ll be tweaking a few things for all clients as it’s easier that way. Step one is to do an assessment of what data I hold. Newsletter subscriptions Manuscripts that I have edited or am yet to edit. Email addresses – via email accounts and WordPress (if anyone signed up to follow the blog via email). Client Paypal addresses. Data stored in my accounting software for the purposes of reporting my earnings to HMRC. In addition to this, WordPress (and by default, this website) collects data via: user registrations comments contact form entries analytics and traffic log solutions any other logging tools and plugins security tools and plugins From what I have read about the GDPR, it gives EU citizens more control over their personal details...

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A to Z Blogging challenge: E is for Exposition

E is for Exposition Exposition is the insertion of background information that is crucial to the reader’s understanding of a story, be it a backstory (prior events), setting, or description. As with description, my recommendation would be to filter exposition through the story where you can, although there will be moments where you will need to just ‘tell’. Prologues often fall under the exposition ‘umbrella’. I’ve lost count of how many prologues I’ve read that is nothing more than an infodump – a long and wordy exposition explaining why a character acts the way they do, or the history...

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