is a free project/task management tool that I used to maintain my (often quite hectic) schedule. It is not a requirement to sign up and use this system, but there are several benefits to using it.

  • Editing can be scheduled in advance, thus avoiding disappointment in your own (just as hectic) schedule
  • You can create your own network, set up your project and suggest other service providers join. This is very useful if you have several providers involved in the process.
  • Projects can be set up as open, or as private (with you selecting who on your network has access to projects and tasks).
  • You can see at a glance what stage of writing/editing a manuscript has reached.
  • Questions can be asked within a project/task.
  • Files can be uploaded within a project/task.
  • You can set priorities, schedules, and sub-tasks, while also making use of labels to see anything within a set category at a glance.
  • It’s free and has full functionality.
  • It has a handy app that notifies you of any changes to a file (message/upload/completion/missed deadlines).

How Producteev works

I have a list within Producteeproject listv of all books I have been hired to edit. I obviously can’t show you my actual list because of client confidentiality, but I have made up some ‘pretend’ projects to show you how useful this software can be.

Each of these books is set up as private, with only myself and the author having access to the information, though you can add other people to the project if you so wished.

Within each project, you can set up tasks:



I have typed in a vague list of the process for an example, but let’s assume you have a January publishing date in mind and you’d like the developmental edits back in your hands for mid-June. You would click on ‘Developmental editing’ and be presented with this screen:


You can schedule your due date, add the people in you wish to work on this project, add labels, and subtasks.

If you were to assign me to the task, I would receive notification (as the task would be ‘provisionally’ scheduled into my work queue).

We would still need to go through the formalities of price and date negotiations, but the more notice I have of your preferred dates, the better. It allows me to manage new inquiries and bookings more efficiently.


I know not everyone gets as excited about software as me, but I truly believe this one is beneficial to anyone who has a heavy-ish workload and would like to manage their time better. The fact that it is free and fully functional, makes it worthy of a trial. You can monitor your projects individually, or if you click on your name up the top left, it will list every single task you have been assigned to in every single project, which you can view as a list or in a calendar (and as an added bonus, the list can be exported to Excel).

I’m not going to twist anyone’s arms to use Producteev but would recommend it.

If you would like to explore Producteev for yourself, a list of the features can be found here.


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