Author: Michelle Dunbar

Revolt by Kyleen Valleaux

Revolt (Dragons of the Thaumaturgic Realm Book 1) by Kyleen Valleaux, Michelle Dunbar Buy on Amazon Goodreads They broke the ultimate taboo. Bobby never imagined she would fall in love with a dragon. Maug hadn’t considered seeking a mate outside his race. They found each other by chance and stayed together by choice. Now Bobby and Maug have to contend with the enmity of two kingdoms, fairy and dragon. Worse, they trigger an all-out war that threatens the very existence of the dragons. With mass extinction in the balance, can Bobby and Maug’s love survive? Can they? From the...

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Patch of Dirt by Richard Lutman

Patch of Dirt by Richard Lutman, Michelle Dunbar on May 6th 2016 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Patch of Dirt introduces us to Joe Oliver, a womanizing thirty-year old drifter, who meets Frank Hill, a sixty-five year old, wounded Vietnam Veteran and his twenty-five year old wife Rita. Frank offers Joe a job, which he reluctantly accepts and is duped into becoming part of their plan to sire a child the impotent Frank, is powerless to conceive. Rita puts Joe through a series of tests to determine if he will be the right biological father for their child. Much to...

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