Genre: Fantasy

Notna by J.D. Cunegan

Notna by J.D. Cunegan Genres: Fantasy Buy on Amazon Goodreads History’s most peaceful race created one of its deadliest weapons. Forged in the Living Flame by a long-extinct alien race, The Gem of Notna is the stuff of legends, on par with Pandora’s Box or the Holy Grail. But once archaeologist Dr. Jack Corbett stumbled upon the crystal deep in the Amazon, he triggered a whirlwind of events and found himself neck-deep in a centuries-old holy war. The Divine and the Underworld have been locked in a virtual stalemate for the past three hundred years, and the Gem of...

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Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger: Beta Beware

by Zanzibar 7 Schwarznegger Genres: Fantasy, Humour Buy on Amazon DJ needs beta readers. Christopher needs beta readers. But when DJ offers a trade, she gets more than she bargained. She’s thrust into Christopher’s crazy Figments world gone awry, as a mere piece in a game. Can she figure out the rules in a game where the stakes are high and there are no do-overs?...

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