Juggling editing and university work has been a challenge over recent months. Saying that, I’ve still managed to churn out a couple of book edits a month, so although I’ve been a little slower than I like, I’ve managed to keep on top of things. In June, I’ll be sitting the final exam for my degree, and as I have decided to become a model student in May (and do nothing but revise), I’m using April to finish the last few books I offered to edit for free. I’ve been doing this for nearly a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed myself, but the time has come to start charging for my editing services. That isn’t what this post is about though…[divider]

steveThis post is about Steve Frost Editing, who have just started up and have been kind enough to help me out with the final few manuscripts (with the authors’ permission of course).

Steve has so far proofread one full manuscript and copy edited another. The copy edit was on a manuscript I had previously done a developmental edit on. After receiving the manuscript back from the author, I felt it would benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, as I am aware that Editors (and proofreaders) won’t catch every error, but having two sets of eyes on a manuscript lessens the chance of this happening.

I am particular about high standards, and Steve didn’t disappoint me. His copy editing skills are to a high standard and the suggested edits do not alter the voice of the narrator or affect the author’s style of writing. Using Word’s track changes system has allowed us to work together on the manuscript, while my focus has been on the developmental aspects of the story, such as plot, structure and characterisation, Steve’s has worked on the sentence structure and grammar, as well as ensuring the text reads in a logical order.



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