A manuscript critique includes a single read of your manuscript and will examine the overall ‘feel’ of your story, its structure, and will identify areas of weakness, as well as what works well.

A manuscript critique is better suited to newer authors, in that the focus is on the ‘craft’ of writing (as opposed to a developmental edit which focuses on improving the story).

Common areas of difficulty for newer writers include:

  • Starting the story in the wrong place
  • Excessive backstory
  • Narrative voice issues, such as head hopping or consistency¬†within the chosen POV
  • Structural issues
  • Weak plots
  • Weak characterisation
  • Passive writing

A manuscript critique will use examples from your writing to explain areas of weakness that have been identified but does not include developmental editing or line editing.

I would recommend this service if you are working on your first novel and wish to improve your craft.


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