I have just this moment completed the Nanowrimo challenge (2015). I had a slow start, a couple of days of virtually no writing, but for the last few days my fingers have been flying across the keyboard (think ‘woman on a mission’).

I now have what I would consider an outline; part reams of dialogue, part exposition, and far too much narration. What I do have, however, is writing I can now work with. The writing will be getting its obligatory ‘rest period,’ though I won’t leave it as long as I did when I originally wrote the story (about six years). I fully intend to publish this book at some point later next year.

To finish Nanowrimo off, and wind down from the frenzied typing, I’m going to write the first couple of chapters for the second book while the story is fresh in my mind. I don’t end book one on a cliffhanger, but the transition between the end of book one and the start of book two needs to be fluid.

To end this post (and because I’m very proud of this figure) I would like to share my statistics for my best day’s writing during this year’s Nanowrimo:

Best word count