I’ve had the pleasure of beta-reading this book, and it is a great read. I wish C S Evans the very best of success with The Soul Conductor.

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Yes, it’s finally time to let my debut novel loose on the big wide world! The Soul Conductor will be released on Kindle on Friday December 12th. That date will mark the end of two-and-a-half years of work, during which time I have eaten, slept and breathed my characters, and quite possibly driven a few of my friends around the twist in the process!

I have kept very quiet about what the novel is actually ‘about’ – that’s one of those questions I hate being asked, as it is very difficult to sum up a 124,000 word novel in a sentence or two…even writing the blurb was a challenge! But it is what some would call a ‘low fantasy’ novel, set in a fictional land based around the medieval era. So there are a few swords…

Talking of the blurb, here it is, so you can all get an idea…

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