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Autumn Seigel: ReAwaken

ReAwaken by Autumn Seigel Series: A New Earth Saga #1 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Arianna Montgomery has no recollection of her past life when she discovers she has a part to play in the new human race. As much as she tries to fight the cause, it may turn out she has a much bigger role to play than she realized. But can Arianna handle the responsibility that’s been thrust upon her when she regains those lost memories? The end is coming…will they be ready? ReAwaken Reviews Reviews from...

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I am a student again – of sorts

I did it – finally – I signed up to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders introduction to copy-editing. I now have six lovely lessons that will (hopefully) put me on the right road to becoming a truly professional copy-editor (with a lot of practice obviously). I’m enjoying the course so far, although I have completely ignored their advice to undertake the two proofreading courses as I have no desire to ever become a proofreader or work with BSI symbols, though I fear both will rear their heads at some point through my training. I have read through the...

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BA (Hons) English Literature

I am thrilled – no, ecstatic – no, amazed, that after six years of study with the Open University I have been awarded a 2:1 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English Literature. It has been a long journey (mostly enjoyable) although there were a few times when I nearly gave up, plus I chopped and changed degree ‘pathways’ at least four times. Being taken on as an intern for an independent publishing company (Hawkins Publishing Group) in 2013/14 gave me a focus, however. It rekindled my love for getting into the nitty gritty of story development (and gave me a taste for editing). It inspired me to become reacquainted with beta-reading and look into the requirements for becoming a professional editor. I believe trust needs to be earned, so I’ve been working hard over the last year (for free) to gain experience, not only in the actual editing but in the standards and delivery of the feedback I provide. Behind the scenes, I’ve been looking into training and chose to join the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (entry level). I am under no illusion that this suddenly makes me a ‘professional,’ far from it, in fact. Within the society, I am a little fish amongst hundreds of truly experienced professionals. The association has set criteria for upgrading, but my goal for 2015 is to work towards becoming an intermediate member....

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New Logo: Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Oh, I am so easily pleased. The Society for Editors and Proofreaders have just issued new logos to reflect their new membership structure. I, for example, used to be an associate, but am now an entry-level member. Mostly because I’ve been so busy editing, I’ve not had a chance to do any of their marvellous training and start working up the virtual ladder.     What I like about the association is that I have to work my way up, through editing specific training that they provide – such as proofreading and copy-editing – but also by having clients confirming (in writing) that they are satisfied with the standard of service I provide. I have to do so many editing ‘hours’ too, and also sit (and pass) a test. I joined the association for two reasons: firstly, to improve my craft, and secondly to instill confidence in potential clients. I like to offer the best work I can, and in order to maintain that level, I believe it is important to always be learning and improving....

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Independently (self-published) books / book promotion

It has taken me a while, but through the course of promoting books for free on my other site, and through several engagements with independent authors, I have come to a decision as to what direction to take with this site. While I am keen to continue writing about all things science fiction and fantasy (and subgenres thereof) I also intend to promote independent books with a high standard of writing. At present, I am working my way through my book promotion website and checking Kindle samples for quality writing (and removing those that do not fit the criteria)....

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