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New Logo: Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Oh, I am so easily pleased. The Society for Editors and Proofreaders have just issued new logos to reflect their new membership structure. I, for example, used to be an associate, but am now an entry-level member. Mostly because I’ve been so busy editing, I’ve not had a chance to do any of their marvellous training and start working up the virtual ladder.     What I like about the association is that I have to work my way up, through editing specific training that they provide – such as proofreading and copy-editing – but also by having clients confirming (in writing) that they are satisfied with the standard of service I provide. I have to do so many editing ‘hours’ too, and also sit (and pass) a test. I joined the association for two reasons: firstly, to improve my craft, and secondly to instill confidence in potential clients. I like to offer the best work I can, and in order to maintain that level, I believe it is important to always be learning and improving....

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Independently (self-published) books / book promotion

It has taken me a while, but through the course of promoting books for free on my other site, and through several engagements with independent authors, I have come to a decision as to what direction to take with this site. While I am keen to continue writing about all things science fiction and fantasy (and subgenres thereof) I also intend to promote independent books with a high standard of writing. At present, I am working my way through my book promotion website and checking Kindle samples for quality writing (and removing those that do not fit the criteria)....

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End of an era…

It’s been a long and drawn out process (mainly because I kept changing my mind about what degree to take), but I am pleased to report, that at 1pm, yesterday afternoon, I completed my English Literature BA (Hons) degree. After nine months of studying Shakespeare, and a total of seven years of part-time home-study, my journey to obtain an undergraduate degree came to an end. I found the course tremendously hard, owing to its fast pace, but thoroughly enjoyed the revision time. I went to the exam confident of success, wrote what felt like a spectacular question first answer (at...

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Steve Frost Editing

Juggling editing and university work has been a challenge over recent months. Saying that, I’ve still managed to churn out a couple of book edits a month, so although I’ve been a little slower than I like, I’ve managed to keep on top of things. In June, I’ll be sitting the final exam for my degree, and as I have decided to become a model student in May (and do nothing but revise), I’m using April to finish the last few books I offered to edit for free. I’ve been doing this for nearly a year now and have thoroughly...

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February editing plans

I’ve been a little tied up since the start of the year with University coursework and assignments. The last module of my degree is certainly intense, we’re reading and studying a Shakespeare play every two weeks, with an assignment every four. Still, enough about that. Plans for this month include editing a short story, a novella and a novel (possibly two). I’m also learning the ropes with regards to book promotion, twitter hash-tags and search engine optimisation while trying to help some author friends out with their promotion. Another thing I need to sit down and write a business...

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