Michelle Dunbar is a writer of soft-sci-fi and an editor (developmental)  of science fiction and fantasy (and sub-genres thereof). She grew up in London but has lived in Glasglow for the past thirteen years. She is mildy – okay, incredibly – obsessed with all things science fiction and much of this to the influence of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, Dan Dare (comic) and Star Wars during her formative years.


  • Sanctuary, a short story published in Sea of Ink (2012)
  • Shards (Screenplay short) shortlisted from 1602 entries in the 2013 Bluecat Screenplay Contest
  • first 10k writing contest (2016) placed 7th in the apprentice category.

She recently joined Wattpad, and isn’t very keen on it but understands the need for some authors/clients to assess her writing standards:

Her blog posts about writing (very few and far between) can be found here.