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Year end summary and scheduling for 2018

I am in the process of planning my diary and availability for next year, so this is a call for provisional bookings, to try and pre-empt which months you will need and avoid you waiting in a three-four month queue for me to start. From next year, I will only be...

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I have finally got around to setting up a newsletter, although I have no plans to send weekly (or even monthly) newsletters. I thought it would be useful for keeping clients and interested parties informed of changes to services, scheduling availability, and other...

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Ywriter for developmental editing

After sharing my page yesterday on my working process I had a few inquiries from fellow editors about the software I use to dissect developmental edit a novel. The software in question is yWriter. It was written by Simon Haynes (Spacejock) who, in addition to...

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Goodbye, 2016… Hello, 2017…

2016 had been a good year for my editing business and personal writing, on top of which I've joined a wad of new groups and made even more writing and editing friends, some of whom I've helped launch editing businesses, or given short writing critiques. So, my year in...

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What to look for when assessing a freelance editor

I am not a published author myself - something I intend to rectify in the future - so the information in this post is based on things I've heard authors say about their experiences with freelance editors, my opinions after viewing their websites and posts, plus...

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So a thing happened… (Dragon Con 2016)

A while back one of my clients contacted me to say that his second book - Grave Measures - had been nominated for Dragon Con. I congratulated him, of course, lots of 'well done' and 'that's fab' and then carried on editing away on whichever book I was working on at...

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How it all began…

A long time ago, (2013/14 to be precise), I was contacted by Hawkins Publishing Group, an independent publisher in America and asked if I would be interested in an intern position. While there, I participated in acquisitions as part of a team, reading submissions and...

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Guru Purnima

This morning I received two separate messages from two individuals I have given advice to over recent weeks. Both contacted me to explain that Guru Purnima is a day when teachers, mentors, and elders are thanked. It is a day celebrated by Hindus and...

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Half year update

I've been quiet on the blogging/social network side of things of recent, mostly because I've been so busy, but I thought I should take a step back to wave - *waves enthusiastically* - and let you all know I'm still here. This morning, I took a look at all the books...

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