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I am a student again – of sorts

Posted 4 August, 2015 by Michelle in Copy-editing, Society for Editors and Proofreaders / 4 Comments

I did it – finally – I signed up to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders introduction to copy-editing. I now have six lovely lessons that will (hopefully) put me on the right road to becoming a truly professional copy-editor (with a lot of practice obviously).

I’m enjoying the course so far, although I have completely ignored their advice to undertake the two proofreading courses as I have no desire to ever become a proofreader or work with BSI symbols, though I fear both will rear their heads at some point through my training.

I have read through the first lesson and had a ‘go’ at the exercise with some surprising results. I’m not sure copy-editing is what I thought it was, but I’m sure the remaining part of the course will enlighten me and look forward to continuing my learning.


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4 Responses to “I am a student again – of sorts”

  1. Hi, I’m interested in your progress to becoming an editor. I understand that you’ve spent a year editing manuscripts. Was that part of your internship or did you do that on the side?
    I am volunteering for two independent publishers, one as a reader, filling in reports on manuscripts. The other, I haven’t started yet, is strictly commenting on submissions.
    I, however, really want to spend more time doing development edits on manuscripts since this is what I want to do. (Romance editor)
    However, I know it’s important to have credentials so clients feel confident in your service.
    I’m actually working on a proofreading course even though, as like you mentioned, I have no intention of becoming a proofreader. It seems to be the first step before starting copyediting courses.
    Good luck with your course. I was interested in doing that one, too.

    • admin

      It was the internship that ignited my interest in editing and I did that the year before I started the free editing. I asked on a large Facebook writing group I frequent if anyone would like a beta-read in exchange for a testimonial and it grew from there. I used the time to not only beta-read, but learn what I enjoyed, what I disliked, and to improve the service I offered. I chose to specialise in science fiction and fantasy early on, although my swaying between being ‘just’ a developmental editor or incorporating copy-editing has been a longer process (I prefer ‘just’ developmental). I’ve met some lovely authors and although I’ve helped them out, they’ve helped me too – letting me know what they did and didn’t like, and where I could improve.

    • admin

      I read submissions and accepted/rejected them and was involved with editing. It was online as the company are in America. I’ve sent you an email by the way :)

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