It took me a little while, but I have just this moment managed to complete another book editing project. I’ve read the manuscript twice so far, owing to the fact I like to read through it first as a reader, and worry about the editing/feedback side of things during a second read. It is more time consuming, but I don’t mind, because it helps me get into the nitty-gritty on the second read – without getting caught up in the story.

It’s a great book, which i can’t say too much about just yet, but I was hooked on this one from the first page. I found the main character very engaging (just loved him), detested the antagonist, and liked the fact that during my first read, there were certain parts where I could not put the book down.

So now it’s complete, and time to send it back to the writer,  it’s my turn to be nervous. I’m quite happy sitting here, deleting a word here, adding a word there, but when the time comes to send the edited manuscript back, I’m sure my nerves are far greater then the writer who sent it to me.