Deep pov Method acting for authors

A short time ago (about two years if anyone’s counting) I participated in a critique group for deep pov run by Lisa Hall Wilson. I joined the critique group thinking I knew more about this pov than I actually did, and although I got a lot out of this, I decided to sign up for her Method Acting for Writers course.

Method Acting for Writers is a five-week ‘deep dive’ course. This session begins on May 3rd and ends on June 11th (and is the course I should have done first, but I clearly like to do things backwards).

This class is a good introduction to deep pov and is delivered in a mix of text and videos. It covers areas such as:

  • Narrative voice
  • Creating character voice
  • Emotional Layers
  • Subtext
  • Psychic distance

It is a self-paced course, although you will probably get more out of it if you submit samples of your writing for feedback when the Deep Dive is active (every few months). There is no timeline on when you start the course either. I signed up for this course well over a year ago and I’m just starting it now.

It is a paid course and worth every penny. When the class is open there is a closed Facebook group in which to submit feedback, ask questions, and meet others learning how to write deep pov.  

If you are interested in learning deep pov, I would highly recommend this course.

You can click here to read more about it and/or sign up.