Arctic Apocalypse


A massive influx of glacial melting triggers a new ice age in the Northern Hemisphere, forcing a family to make their way across the ice-covered landscape before they are frozen out for good.

Oh, this is bad, and I’m saying that as someone who doesn’t mind, and actually enjoys B-movies. This is more of a Z-movie (if such a thing exists). Saying that I made it through 38 minutes before giving up – and I feel I should have a reward of some sort for making it that far because it really wasn’t very good.

There is no real story to this, and I think the special effects department forgot to add the storm graphics into a few scenes.

This film used the overdone ‘parents/adult-child separated and must reunite’ trope, but despite the promise of an apocalypse, neither party was in any danger (at least not in the time I was watching it). There is also a high level of character stupidity (especially the females, although there was at least one male who was just as useless), but then the daughter reveals her parents are scientists, and I expect she will save the group of college students she takes refuge with at some point, even if they aren’t in any real danger (yet?)

I read somewhere that bad movies are supposed to be bad. so maybe that was the intention, but watching a cast full of totally helpless characters (bar the adult-daughter) go from one level of helplessness to another was just a little too much.

The Hollywood equivalent to this one is, of course, The Day after Tomorrow (a blinding film with one of my all-time favourite actors – Dennis Quaid – and it comes with a full complement of CGI)