New Year 2021 Michelle Dunbar Writing Coach Developmental Editor

I would like to wish my clients, fellow editors, cover designers, authors, readers, and anyone else I’ve ‘met’ through 2020 a fabulous new year. I’m looking forward to 2021 bringing a return to normality (and I’m saying that as someone who doesn’t venture out and interact with others very much and whose daily routine didn’t change a great deal through the various lockdowns. If anything, it’s shown me that I should probably go out more).

2020 was a strange year. and I’ll spare you a rundown on all the ups and downs we went through here, except to say, that at some point, I managed to disentangle my brain from distractions and get back to work.

And, as is the norm for this time of year, I’ve made a to-do list for the year ahead.¬†Personal goals include becoming an accredited writing/book coach and helping more authors achieve their dream of publishing.

I hope you all have a wonderful (socially distanced) New Year and that the year ahead brings you good health and fortune.