One of the requirements for the 2015 reading challenge was to read a non-fiction book. Now, I could have used my Open University text book, but owing to the fact I’ve been trying to help some indie authors promote their self-published books, I thought a book on Search Engine Optimisation would be more appropriate.

I obtained How to get on top of Google via Kindle Unlimited and it has been an interesting and educational read, and as per the instructions in the book, I am not going to copy and paste the synopsis (duplicate content and so forth), but write a summary out in my own unique manner i.e waffle.

So, this book teaches the wannabe marketer the strategies needed to get their website onto the first page of Google, which is where every website owner should strive to be. A lot of the strategies discussed involve research tactics such as checking out how the competition list their website pages and how to make good use of meta keywords. Some of what is discussed I knew, some of it will take me a while to get my head around, what I am going to do however, is treat myself to a printed version of this book. While I can read non-fiction books on my kindle, I do prefer printed books for subjects I like to refer to.

While the subject may sound a little dull, I actually found the writing rather engaging, and despite the content, it was an easy read. I would recommend it to any author who is looking to improve their web presence, as it really does hold your hand and guide you through the relevant areas of search engine optimisation.