Global WarmingI’ve been spending some time thinking about the much-neglected book I’ve been writing, and in particular, the worldbuilding. I have a terrible habit of neglecting detail, despite advising clients I edit to expand on theirs. So, I spent the evening looking up elements relating to:

A. How to destroy Earth (or make it as tough to live upon as possible, at the very least)
B. Non-rocket space travel

So, these are a few of the questions I typed into Google during my search session:

  • Is Earth’s rotation slowing down?
  • What might cause its rotation to slow down?
  • Is Earthquake activity increasing?
  • How climate change affects global weather events.
  • Mass evacuations of Populus
  • Flying aircraft carrier
  • Can a hot-air balloon go into space?
  • Can an airplane fly out of orbit?
  • Space station on the edge of an orbit
  • Space elevator/skyhook/orbital platform
  • How to get to space without rockets
  • How high is Andean Plateau in Peru?
  • How high is Mount Everest?
  • Layers of Earth’s atmosphere
  • How long does it take to get to space?
  • Does space travel contribute to global warming?

I came across multiple articles, most of which led me to ask another question, and although the list above looks random, it all makes perfect sense in my mind. I’ve made a shortlist, of sorts, of the direction I need to take the worldbuilding in, while also ruling out some of the dafter options (like the hot-air balloon option).

Actually, I’ve been curious about the hot-air balloon option since watching The Aeronauts on Amazon Prime (but it was never a serious contender for travel to orbit in my book). The Aeronauts takes place in 1862 and involves meteorology (the study of the atmosphere with a focus on the weather and forecasting). If you haven’t seen it and it is something that interests you, it’s well worth a watch.

Watch on Amazon Prime 

I learned a few new things doing this research and went off track more than a few times, but I feel I have finally made up my mind about a couple of elements. I’m going to do a little more research and then I’ll incorporate the chosen ones into some of the chapters I have, weaving it to the current worldbuilding, with the hope of making it a little more realistic.

Wish me luck.



Global WarmingArtwork: Madartzgraphics