I have been receiving questions about screenwriting of late and this is a quick post to list all the useful websites, software, and books I have discovered over the past few years.


Final Draft (the bees knees/industry standard software):

$250 (*student pricing available)


Scrivener (I’ve never used this so this is not a personal recommendation but I have heard there is a scriptwriting format on there)







If you are new to screenwriting, then you may be interested in my Screenwriting (ideas) list on Amazon which includes: Story, Screenwriter’s Bible (a fab reference book), all of William Martell’s blue book series, and Save the Cat:




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A good way to learn how to write and format scripts is by studying written scripts. I would suggest picking a film or drama you are familiar with and reading/watching to see how it was written and performed.

These websites provide scripts:

https://www.imsdb.com/ (huge database of scripts at different stages)



https://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/resources/video-library/ (on the elements of writing screenplays ** Also available on Youtube)

How to format a Screenplay: https://www.finaldraft.com/learn/how-to-format-a-screenplay/


Contests are one method of getting your script infront of directors and producers (if you win or get in the top three). Listed below is the only contest I’ve tried (and my little claim to fame is that I got shortlisted (top 10% of round one entries) before getting booted out in the next round.


And if anyone is wondering about the worth of these contests, the feedback you receive from Bluecat is well worth the entry fee. The judges know their stuff.

Films that came to the big screen via a contest win:

Snow White and the Huntsman: https://www.talentville.com/snippet/27