My new way of working – on paper – is producing some great results, so much so that’s I’ve stocked up on black printer ink and A4 white paper. I’ve also thrown something else into the mix – a couple of programs that will help me develop, analyse, and, in a nutshell, assist you with the development of your stories.

The first piece of software is ywriter, the one I use to write my own stories. You can break down your novel into chapters and scenes and it’s an excellent resource for keeping track of a story at a basic level. The second one is much more in-depth (and from an analysis point of view,that puts it right up my street). Dramatica has the potential to examine the motive and throughline of every character, major or minor, and I am incredibly excited about incorporating it into the service I offer, although it won’t be for a while yet.


The paper editing…

My printer has never seen so much action, neither has my selection of coloured pens, highlighters and sticky post-it note tags. Inputting what I see as key plot points, character development and story progression allows me to check back easily when I come across an inconsistency or doubt a character’s behaviour (based on what the words have told me). I’m still writing reams of comments on the word document, but this is really helping me see the bigger picture and anyone who has a current manuscript being editing (or has booked in for one) should hopefully see the benefit of my new working practice. Once I get the Dramatica software up and running, I’ll be able to throw deep analysis into the mix as well – leave no stone unturned, I say.




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